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  • Precautions for excavator operation in sp...

    01 Mar,21
    1. Uphill and downhill.  When driving down a steep slope, you need to use the walking joystick and the throttle joystick to keep the driving speed low. When driving up or down on a slope exceeding...
  • How to work safely in the rainy season

    22 Feb,21
    How to work safely in the rainy season.  QUANZHOU DENA MACHINERY Professionally provide excavator accessories  bucket bush,Bucket Pins,Travel Reduction Gearbox,Swing Reduction Gear Box,Sun Gear an...
  • Why should the excavator oil be changed o...

    02 Feb,21
    1. Shelf life:   Over time, performance will be reduced, leading to accelerated wear of mechanical parts.   2. Performance changes:   The physical and chemical properties of engine oil will change...
  • How to maintain the excavator in the rain...

    29 Jan,21
    1. Check the road conditions.  The road surface is easy to cause water on the ground in rainy days. In mines and construction sites, many work roads were washed by heavy rain and pitted and piled ...
  • How to clean the hydraulic system of a sm...

    25 Jan,21
    Cleaning method of hydraulic system of small excavator:  1. When cleaning the hydraulic system of a small excavator, work hydraulic oil or test oil is often used. It is not recommended to use kero...

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